Wednesday, October 2, 2019

My Work is Done!

I can walk outside now and really enjoy Pinecone Park because there’s nothing needing to be done. I’ve moved every plant I that had to be transplanted to shadier ground due to the opening of the Fir canopy. And all the landscaping I wanted to do, is done—all except the “second” section of the yard where I have all my fruit trees. If and ever I do anything to that part of the yard, it’ll be in the future.
I survived the expense of the landscaping project. In fact, I feel optimistic about enjoying a decade here now that I’m finished my improvements. I’ve learned how to live a more cost-conscious lifestyle. It feels good to believe I can be here for quite a while. In ten years, I’ll want a simpler life … if I live that long.
Just after three, when I was done with my work on the yard for the day, I got into the spa. It still overwhelms me that I can step outside my back door and into lovely clean sparkling hot water—whenever I want, and as often as I want! I like the experience even more now that cooler weather prevails.
Keith brought over some of his Marijuana plants and we hung them in the studio. He’s bringing more tonight—plus some wood so that I’m not burning all mine to dry out our harvest.
Today’s dawned cloudy and it’s only 6°. Six degrees! I’m going on the small dog walk and then I’m going shopping because on Friday night I’m having Eoin, François and Jay over to help me celebrate my second anniversary here, and I’ve a lot of cooking and baking to do.

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