Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Good Night Gardens

These are my Salal leaves. I'm sorting them in the studio
while the space is being heated to dry the MJ plants.

The dog walk, Monday morning, was gorgeous. I came home energized; I went into the village and got some soil and transplanted the last of the plants needing to be moved. Finally doing that long-put-off job felt very, very good.
I also got more grass seed with which to fix spots in one section of my new lawn. I swept the driveway, getting rid of hundreds of Fir cones. I topped-up one garden, sorted my recyclables for return to the local depot and cleaned the courtyard. I’ve been lazy of late, so it felt good to get so many chores done.  
I trimmed all my Marijuana plants and harvested them. It took quite a while because I wanted every leaf for composting. Then, late in the day, I lit the studio fire to get the place nice and hot so that the plants would dry quickly. My neighbour, Keith, is coming over tonight with his plants to hang them in the studio, too; all our plants are hanging upside down with two fans helping them to dry.
I felt really good about all I did yesterday and I’ll do more today because it’s another beauty of a day.
I was very sad to hear that Jesse Norman died yesterday. I met her and her brother once after her concert in Vancouver and was completely star struck. Meeting her was a highlight of my life.

B.C. Premier John Horgan expects to discuss the possibility of abandoning seasonal time changes with the governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee, and other U.S. politicians at meetings in Seattle this week. He expects to introduce time-change legislation this fall but would prefer to make a permanent switch in co-ordination with Yukon and the western states.
Today I finish in the yard for the season. Yes, I’ll putter at things on nice days, but I’m content to let things go now until Springtime. I’ve done a lot of work this year and have earned my winter of total content by the fire with my pets and with many, many spas.
Andrew Scheer won’t walk in Pride parades and he will not participate in climate action demonstrations. And Maxime Bernier called Greta Thunberg, “mentally unstable.” They disgust me. Thank God I live on Gabriola and feel detached from them and their ilk.

This is not Fred, but it could be. 

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