Tuesday, October 8, 2019

"C" is for "Chris" and "Cozy"

When I moved here, I bought a lamp that’s perfect to be under when reading. (It’s in the photo above.) I put it beside my sofa, but with the arrival of cool weather I wanted the lamp near the chaise longue that’s beside the fire. That’s where I like to read but there’s no power outlet by the chaise. Consequently, I plug it in when I want to use it and then unplug it so it isn’t a tripping hazard.
But it’s now a delicious place to read! And yesterday I started reading The River of Consciousness  by Oliver Sacks. It was wonderful! 
I took my degree in English Lit, but after graduation I read absolutely nothing but non-fiction until I was in my forties. Then I switched to exclusively literature. Now, though, I feel my passion for non-fiction reawakening. It’s so enlightening and I find it surprisingly moving. Sacks is a long a favourite of mine.  
Last night I left the house to go to the woodpile and I heard a loud hooting. I followed the sound and there, just outside my fence and sitting on a tall stump, was an enormous Owl. I’ve no idea which species, but it was magnificent and huge.
A few posts ago, I posted this link to a remarkable performance of the song, Suddenly Seymour, by AJ Rodriguez and George Salazar that my ex saw at the Pasadena Playhouse in LA. Did you watch it? Here's the link again.
Well, I talked to my ex today, and he shocked me out of my shoes: He told me that MJ Rodriguez, the woman in the clip whom I find impossibly beautiful and talented, is transgender! It adds so much to the song and character to bring that issue to the play.
We had a biblical downpour last night. It woke me and I loved being warm and cozy in my bed and listening to the symphony on my tin roof. It’s predicted to clear, but when it isn’t I’ll be on the chaise in the photo, warm, cozy and happy by the fire with my pets.

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