Saturday, October 19, 2019

Still Idle

What a contrast to summer, this life during wet and cool weather! Mind you, I’m a comfort person; I prefer to be warm, dry and cozy indoors if it isn’t sunny. My butch factor is very low.
Sheba is walking better; I’m hugely  relieved. I’m giving her Rota, a homeopathic anti-inflammatory medicine. If it’s not helping her, it’s doing wonders for me. It makes me feel better to be doing something to help her recover.
I baked a batch of my favourite cookies yesterday and loafed through the rest of the day. I did more loafing today. This is the first Saturday without a Farmers’ Market since May. Sigh. 
Looking ahead, all I see is endless rainy days indoors with Her Highness and the Felines. I’m going to have to do something in the studio. I’m will likely not  make a dress. I have a hankering to make figures—humorous grotesques.
Sunday will begin with the big community dog walk. After that… who knows?

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