Sunday, October 27, 2019

Clearing the Backyard Day

I was giddy al day today. I burned the stuff I picked up off the grounds in both fireplaces and in the incinerator. Looking out at the studio and seeing smoke curling from the chimney—even on a gloriously sunny day—does something wonderful to my spirit. I have fallen deeply in love with my studio. And with crafting again! 
But the major task of today was clearing the backyard. My yard looks so small compared to the lots of Jay, François and Eoin. They have estates. But when it comes to clearing new delicate lawn of forest fall, it is backbreaking work and the place seems huge! 
I gather the shite in a bin, and then dump what I’ve picked up into the incinerator. And while it burned, I gathered another bin full. The thick smoke swirls up each time I add a new load; my clothes stank of wood smoke.
It was slow going. If I used a rake, I tore up the new lawn, so clearing the backyard will take at least two days. I’m picking up every Fir cone and there are thousands of them. I mean it; I’m not exaggerating. And I’m picking up everything by hand (and bent back).
It was a perfect day for burning, though. The wind blew all the smoke into the forest and away from my neighbours. And while I work, Sheba checks out the empty lot next door for new smells. It’s great, because she doesn’t run or do anything to strain her paw. She just moseys around.
I’m writing on a break I took at 2:00. I’m going back to it but I won’t last long. But I don’t have to; there’s always mañana; I so  love being retired! Once I’m finished, I’ll so a little work in the nice warm studio and then got into the tub, well before the sun goes down, to relax before the best night of the week on television.

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