Thursday, October 31, 2019

Just More of the Same

Above are three of my six Stellar Jay friends that have set up their home around Pinecone Park. They’re at my feeders and are here all day, every day, and make a lovely mess of things. However, an army of small birds devours the mess they make in the yard below.
I had a wonderful day on Wednesday, just doing little errands and housework. I didn’t go to Patsy’s because she had too many other things on her plate. I’ll go next Tuesday.
Today was beautiful again so I finished tidying up the backyard. It took forever but the new lawn is looking great. After lunch and I got my sewing machine going and adapted a tablecloth that was too big into one that’s the right size. It was the first time I used the machine; I’m chuffed I was able to get it going successfully. My new tablecloth looks great!
The sun stayed out all day. We’re so lucky to be having such dry and sunny weather, and there’s no end to it in sight. 
My dog-walking friends have decided that the nice people with the dog that won’t stop yapping can’t walk with us again. Regina, who organized our little group, will ask them to find another group to walk with Friday morning when they turn up. I’m relieved; I was prepared to drop out because I didn’t want to ask others to leave.
But they have two dogs and the other one is a Bouvier des Flandres puppy. She’s going to be huge! Two of my walking friends are more concerned about the Bouvier than the yapper because the Bouvier almost knocked them over. It’s not just my sensitivity to sound that’s the problem.
Sam Mendes has a war film coming out soon. It’s called 1917. I doubt I’ll watch it; war films are not my cup of tea. However, filmmaking interests me, regardless of the genre, so I found this clip about the making of the film fascinating.

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