Sunday, October 13, 2019

Science! Yes!

I want this shirt!

Saturday was quite nice—not always sunny, but warmer and bright. I went to the Farmers’ Market and it was incredibly busy! (But I have about sixty Mutsu Apples in storage now!)
Every homeowner and many guests must be here for Thanksgiving and to take in the huge open studio festival. Most of the local artists have their studios open for the long weekend.
I had fun preparing for Adrienne and Christian. I diced onion and garlic, I sliced tomatoes and basil and I had prawns, crab, mushrooms, red peppers, jalapenos, tarragon, rosemary, olives, pepperoni, lots of shredded cheese and a couple of different tomato sauces—all in separate containers so each of us could make our own pizzas. Plus I served salad and Pavlova.
While I prepped the food, Peter Grimes  was the opera on Saturday Afternoon at the Opera  on CBC, and I really liked it. But I knew nothing about the opera, its composer or its history, so I looked it up on Wikipedia and when I found my answer, I was back to being a kid.
One of my babysitters was Babs Blanche. She lived across the street and her parents had a complete Encyclopedia Britannica.  She and I would spend hours reading about things in it and I wondered how I would ever live without it when her family moved to California. That’s when I became a library card-holder. But now I have Google and Wiki—and all in my home where I can look things up in my pajamas! What great resources they are.
I took Herself on a couple of walks; and I had a lovely long spa in the afternoon. Fred and Ethel supervised the fire.
Christian and Adrienne’s visit could not have gone better. They were impressed by all my toppings, they loved  the Pavolva and Adrienne is a total pet person so she was smitten with Fred, Ethel and Sheba (whom she knows from our walks). We had a fabulous time together and we have a great future. They are building their house together, so they’ll be on Gabe for a while.
Sunday …
My right wrist has been working decently now for over a month. There are bad days, but it’s never badly swelled and ached list last summer. I think the x-ray technician was right: Arthritis. Now, it’s the fingers of my left hand that are swollen and too painful to bend. I use door jams to open bottles and tins. Pooey. But I have Ibuprofen and Voltaren (that I can rub right onto where it hurts) and they truly bring relief.
Since I returned home from the community dog walk this morning, I’ve been really  enjoying a day of rest. I’ve kept a nice fire going, I’ve been high from the sunshine streaming into the house as the sun is so much lower in the sky and I’ve been eating wonderful  left-overs all day.
PS: Lamenting the loss of Photoshop was a good thing to do here, as I did in my last post. My friend Dana, who seems to be a wizard with technology, put me onto a free alternative program that I’ll be able to use. Thanks, Dana!

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