Friday, October 25, 2019

My Little Life

This has to be the most beautiful pasta in the world! It would have to be  served without any obscuring sauce!

Well I feel stupid! It wasn’t the generator that was the problem; it was I! So now I’m making a “How To” poster to post in my generator’s shed. I did not know where the choke was or how to use it. Darrell, bless his wonderful head, showed me what to do and it started immediately. Lesson learned.
And Sheba is healing nicely, the cistern is full and the wire arrived for the armature of the papier-mâché sculpture I’m going to make. All’s right in my world!

The leaves in a pile are the leaves I first harvested. I think they are lovely but I left them to air dry and so they’re warped. My only disappointment in them, however, is that the brilliant yellows have faded to browns in all but a few that have retained their golden colour.
The leaves in rows are my latest harvest and I am drying them between towels and under weights. They will take a while to dry and then I’ll varnish them and see what I get.

This is the plan for the grotesque I want to make. I reckon she’ll be about a meter high. I’ve to build an elaborate armature first and then I’ll cover it with an initial neutral layer of papier-mâché before I do the decorating. I’m already having second thoughts about using the leaves. I think I’ll just use paper and paint or pastel for depth and the face. I’ll be working on both the frame and the leaves over the next few weeks.
Our afternoon walk was fabulous. It was lovely and warm and I continue to see signs of improvement in her paw. And when I got back, I got into the spa. My God, I love the spa. It’s such a privilege to be so delightfully warm and to have so a big tub that I can stretch out and float. What a great life I have.
And I’m doing very  well working in the studio with no heat. It’s not nearly as cold as outdoors and I do just fine doing short stints of work. On days when I want to work in there all day, I’ll definitely light the fire. I love having the studio so much more now that I’m suing it regularly.

Have you heard about the film, JoJo Rabbit? Or seen the trailer (here's a link)? It’s based on a book about a young German boy who’s in the Hitler Youth and discovers his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their attic. The director, Taika Waititi, plays the little boys imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler. Oh my God it looks hilariously funny!
In the evening, I went into town to get a pizza for dinner and I baked some cookies. I felt good. It was my second day in a row without a migraine.
This morning I go on the small community dog walk—half of it, anyway. I recon I’ll continue to limit Sheba’s use of her paw for another week so that it gets strong again. And when I get back, I hope to fix the front door handle. I fixed the chair already—Fred had torn it apart underneath. 
“It’s always something!”

Meryl Streep as Donald Trump.

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