Saturday, October 12, 2019

Breakfast: Yes!

Pet Winter Position #2: My favourite place to relax.

I had a really lovely day yesterday. The dog walk was excellent except for one big ugly seizure sparked by a fall; I fell because I had another one of my “falling sideways” sensations. But it was over quickly and we all carried on. Then, as we arrived back at our cars: Insight! 
I suddenly recalled similar past experiences and my doc told me I was hypoglycemic and referred me to a dietician at St. Paul’s who gave me a list of foods to snack on that slowly-release sugar (or something like that). I remember Apples were on the list and so now I’m eating a breakfast every morning—and an Apple.

One fun thing I did yesterday was baking some Parmesan potato stacks. They’re relatively quick and are definitely easy to prepare; they cook in an hour in a baking tin. Mine, because I used a lot of freshly ground pepper, were a little hot; they have a scalloped potato taste. They’re really  fabulous! Here’s a link to the recipe on YouTube, if you’re interested (over 6.5 million views).
I’ve been doing some design work (like the band reunion announcement) but some functions in my Photoshop program are no longer working. Soon, like my publishing software, the program won’t work unless I renew my software—by subscription! It seems I cannot buy software any more; I have to rent it and it’s expensive. So my days of using Quark are over and Photoshop will “die” soon. Pooey!
Adrienne and Christian are coming for dinner and Adrienne won’t eat Gluten, so I happened on Gluten-free pizza dough in the market and got it. So tonight I’ll assemble all kinds of topping ingredients and let my guests make their own pizzas. I’ve got salad and a Pavlova for dessert.
It’s “drizzly” outside, so the pets and I will likely spend the day indoors after a short walk and a visit to the last Farmers’ Market for the season.

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