Thursday, August 8, 2019

A Pastel Rainbow of Eggs

First of all: Look at those eggs! Are they not things of magnificence? Steve took the photo above yesterday after we bought the eggs and had picked the Blackberries that became our pie.
The night market, last night, was fabulous. It was small and intimate and wonderful. It really makes me proud and happy to live in a community that supports such a fine event. We now have a farmers’ market three days of the wee. There was entertainment and a kitchen served chili with corn bread and potato salad. Steve had a savory crepe and I got stung in the lip by a wasp.
We came home and ate David and Lydia’s blackberry pie. Yum! And then I had a monster seizure and lost my ability to talk, so the bulk of the evening involved all my guests outdoors having a ball and me inside staying calm.
But late into the evening, we started a jigsaw puzzle. It was oodles of fun because we talked whist we frustrated ourselves with the thousand-piece puzzle. We’re doing more today.
Again, everyone rose early. Today is Tim’s birthday. I watered and then we went for a trail walk, after which I crashed and Lydia went to a tie-dye workshop and story event at the museum with David. Steve took over the hammock and Tim indulged his addiction to Facebook. 
They’ve promised to leave me alone in the house this afternoon whilst I make a cake for after dinner tonight. We’re all going to The Surf for dinner.

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