Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Lydia and David arrived just before 8:00 Tuesday night and it was a very spirited reunion. Steve had done a lot of meal preparation, so we were soon at the table on the deck having a fabulous simple dinner together in no time. We were joyously reunited.
The party moved into the living room where there was lots of wine and laughter. I bailed at ten to go to bed. The party continued and when I woke up Wednesday morning, all the dishes and mess of the night before were waiting for me. (My crack-of-dawn plant watering was delayed.)
 All morning if someone called for me, I replied: “You want Chris who washed al the dishes?”
Tim, Steve and Lydia got up early. We had a lovely spa and then Steve, Lydia and I went for a walk to pick backberries. On our way to a nearby patch we past a home selling eggs, so we bought a dozen of the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen. I’ll definitely be going back again.

Reunited with Tim and David, we ate and after that everyone seemed fine with hanging around Pinecone Park. Lydia and David baked a blackberry pie and then everyone hunkered down to one of my favourite games: Doing a crossword out loud together.
I guess we’ll just hang out here until we go, at four, to the night market. It will be my first time.

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