Friday, August 9, 2019

Passing Time en Famille

Whilst Steve and company went to the beach late in the afternoon yesterday, I baked Tim’s cake. It was lovely to be alone for a bit of a respite from four very  welcome visitors. I baked the cake and spent just as much time making the icing. 
It was just the most stunning night to be eating at Surf Lodge. Being Tim’s birthday, everyone was in a very festive mood except me. I don’t do festive any more in groups when alcohol is a factor. My ex drinks too much on such occasions.
Then we came home for cake, jig saw puzzling and conversation. It was perfection, as far as I was concerned. Steve is like a brother to me now, and Lydia and David are the same; we enjoy an incredible fraternity.
Today has broken cloudy. It’s predicted to clear later, but the clouds are thick and tomorrow is supposed to be the first of three consecutive days of cloud and possible showers. What a great break for the gardens (and for me from watering)!
Today is also our last day together. Steve and Time leave tomorrow; Lydia and David may do the same. It’s going to feel terribly lonely at Pinecone Park. This morning, I’m leaving them for a bit to take Sheba to the community dog walk to tire her out because today may be an indoor day.
I’ve loved the visit of this group. Yes, I’ve had some nasty seizures, but no one cares, they pass and I recover reasonably quickly.
I have a baby bird living under my porch. It’s been slowly exploring the area around my back door so leave it food now. It is so cute and brave; it seems to be a fresh fledgling not yet able to fly away.
I’ve had nagging concerns about the water level in the cistern, but no more. David, bless his handsome head, fixed a leaking toilet and the levels have bounced back much  closer to normal. Anxiety gone!

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