Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Saga Continues

Well, summer’s back! I got up at 5:00 and it was already 20°; every window is open. Today is going to be a scorcher. 
Building the pathway and once again going over all the bare exposed land to keep it free of weeds and needles in advance of the seeding is great work. This week is my ideal summer vacation: It’s really warm and sunny and I have lots to do and none of it is overly strenuous.
Sadly, the spa is down. When I went to have a spa yesterday morning, I found the water was cloudy/milky; it had turned overnight. So I drained the tub yesterday and new water is coming this afternoon from Nanaimo

The pathway gets morning sunshine so I baked working on it yesterday. I added a good long section in the morning, but I had to break every half hour to cool down and rest. I laid all the lumber for which I had preservative and then went into the village for more—but they were out of it.
Damn! Had they had some, I would have done as much again in the afternoon and be a long way along with my project. Instead, I spent the afternoon putting gravel in the gap between the path and my Hospital Garden (where I put ailing plants needing attention) and watereing because it was so bloody hot (30°).
This morning, I found a nice clean looking rat struggling to walk in the backyard. I relocated it, the poor thing. Life is anything but dull here. 
I’m going on the dog walk and then to the hardware store, hoping they have more wood preservative so that I can keep working on the pathway. Otherwise, I’ll be prepping the yard for seeding, tilling again where weeds are back.
Tonight: The Great British Baking Show.  Yay!

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