Friday, August 2, 2019

X-Ray: Done!

It poured last night so I woke this morning expecting the worst. But wow, I went outside at 4:10 am and it was really warm. The first thing I did—even before feeding the cats—was to churn the hazelnut custard I made last night into ice cream. It worked beautifully so I’ll make Lemon tonight so my guests have two homemade creams to consume whilst they’re here. ‘Tis the season.’
I went to Nanaimo to get my wrist e-rayed and then I bought some peat moss—at half the price on Gabriola—so I could finish covering the backyard where lawn will go.
On my way home, I talked to Steve. He’s partying like mad in Vancouver but he realizes that he can relax and recover here. The weather is looking great for his visit so we are both stoked about being together. His sister, we hope, will arrive the next day.

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