Thursday, August 22, 2019

British Baking Show Day. Yay!

It’s now 15° in the mornings. Yesterday began cloudy, but it cleared beautifully in the afternoon and today is going to be a beauty. In fact, I’m going to delay the seeding because such warm and sunny weather is predicted.
It’s great news because it means I can work on the pathway instead. I’m going into the village today to buy some cheap offcut wood from the lumberyard to augment the palette lumber. I have no idea how far I’ll get, but I don’t care. I’ll do as much as I can and get some more palettes next year.
I had a really nice day yesterday. I worked like mad during the dull part of the day and then had a lovely long spa and just relaxed and enjoyed the magnificent afternoon and evening. I cleaned the fridge, tidied my pantry and went into the village to shop prior to baking for my Saturday guests. (Im not here tomorrow; I go to Nanoose Bay.)
My evening treat: The Great British Baking Show. (It’s much  better to watch on online than on TV. The CBC broadcast version shows only two bakes; the CBC Gem website shows all three bakes that English audiences see.) I miss neither Mary nor the former hosts because it’s the contestants who give the show its tension and appeal. The producers do an excellent job of selecting contestants.
My home insurance bill came in the mail. It was for $2,338. Last year it was $1,822 so I emailed the agent and told her that I wouldn’t be renewing my policy. I reckon a 22% ($516) increase would shock anyone! Then, at 4:00 pm, they called back. They’ll be getting in touch with a new quote from a different provider. Phew!
Chris.1 would have just paid. I like being Chris.2 and speaking up. I was rejected by ICBC for my claim, spoke up, and got approval. And now this!
I like my small dog walking group members very much. We walk together three times a week and have been since I moved here. Recently, I learned that one of them, with whom I walk most often, likes a fellow named Milo Giannopoulos who’s a narcissistic, Trump loving right-winger, banned from major social media and a proven plagiarist. And another one likes to tell me “truths” about climate change that he denies. 
But they are very nice to me and we support each other and I genuinely like them. I just know when to shut up and what subjects to preferably avoid.
I’m so disgusted by Andrew Scheer, I’m over Trudeau’s ethical indiscretions. My friends are correct to take into consideration, the alternatives. As for Bernier: He makes me want to bring back burning people at the stake.

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