Monday, August 5, 2019

Steve Day!

Finally, Steve day is here!
The weather forecast could not be better for the visit of Steve and his entourage. I’ve heard via mutual; friends in Vancouver that Steve is worried about being bored out of his mind here. Personally, I don’t know how one could be bored here; all you have to do is go for a walk on the miles of trails.
Sunday was superb—the calm before the storm. The weather was excellent, my back/rib felt fabulous and I had no heavy duties—no landscaping—so my wrist didn’t hurt all day either. I made turkey salad for sandwiches so we can chill here once they arrive.
It’s wonderful to have nothing pressing to do this morning. I’m going on the small doggie walk this morning, coming home for a bit and then going to the dock to meet Tim and Steve.
I’m glad I have a plan to visit Dianne, DR, Jane and Dana soon after Steve et al leave. I often feel rather bereft of joy when I part from either Steve or Lydia; with both of them here, their departure will be very sad but I can look forward to visiting my friends at Nanoose Bay in the spectacular ocean-side cabin Dianne rents.
The mass shootings in America have me angry about the complacency of their leaders. Every past president, senator and member of the House not committed to gun control, past and present, is culpable. They disrespect their constituencies with their lack of action.

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