Friday, August 23, 2019

To Nanoose Bay

Above is one of the two peach tarts I made yesterday. This one goes with me to Nanoose Bay today. And wouldn’t you know it: It’s raining on our chosen day to unite our Elder Posse. It’s dark and wet out there and I have to drive to the cabin where seven adults all be stuck inside with three dogs. 
This was the day I did not  want us to assemble; it’s the busiest day on the ferry and I have to pay. But once we’re together, I’m sure all will be fine. And on the plus side: It smells great out there and the gardens will be fine on their day alone.
Yesterday, although 15° and the same temperature as most recent mornings, there was a breeze and it really felt like Autumn. It was coat weather, but I quickly warmed up playing with Sheba in a sunny meadow. Then I came home to bake two Peach and Almond tarts; it’s that time of year. Sunday, my plan is to pick some “Blackberries” that I’ll use to make Blackberry Ice Cream. It’s that time of year, too!
My neighbours came back again so this time I went out to talk to them. I’m glad I did because I realize it’s the same people. They plan to start building in April—I believe that’s what they said. And they’re going to use the fast builders like the other people near me who built their home during this past winter. They intend to use a pre-fab builder and that makes for a fast build.
Next year I’ll have neighbours.                       Silence. Back to the plus side: They said that they are going to take down more trees; I’ll be getting more afternoon and evening sunlight when they do. 
Then tomorrow: Julien, Sharon and Herman visit. Then, on Sunday after the big community dog walk, I’ll start on the wooden walkway. I can hardly wait for that and to see if the landscaping pins I got serve well enough to hold the planks in place.  

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