Saturday, August 10, 2019


Friday was a lazy day. The pace of the day was a factor of the cooler, cloudier weather. 
I went on the community dog walk and came home to a feast on the deck of buttermilk pancakes. Then, we all did our own thing—Lydia and I worked on a 1000-piece crossword to completion. Then we all went to Whalebone Beach; it’s fabulous.
Then I came home and they went to Brickyard and Spring beaches. I cleaned up and had a spa and then we ate dinner al fresco. It was just the most delightful day!
We talked through the evening and then went to bed early, as it was departure day today for my guests.
I cried all the way home from Silva Bay this morning, after dropping off Tim and Steve, and it got worse when I got home. Everything I saw reminded me of my guests and I felt awful about everything—about my life, about living here about being alone… everything. I’d been looking forward to Steve being here for so long that now I feel empty of purpose.
I had no interest in food, the spa … even chocolate. Imagine that! So I did the endless laundry five people create and started putting things back in order and slowly I felt the return of hope and faith. I lit the fire because it was cool in the house on a cloudy day, I lit incense and had a spa. One wonderful thing was how attentive the pets were.
Cleaning up, I noticed all my (Nespresso) coffee and hazelnut ice cream is gone!
Evening suits my mood. I’m going to settle onto the couch with Sheba and watch television—anything. I know tomorrow will be a better day.

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