Monday, August 19, 2019

I'm Back!

The yeast infection goes (with treatment) as fast as it arrives and spreads. I’ll go on the dog walk with my friends and then I’m keen to be productive today because Sunday was magnificent. I did nothing all day … alone … no calls, no contact, no work, nothing.
My big task for today is not working on the palettes; it’s ridding my shed of a rat. I’m going to move and clean everything. I saw it yesterday eating my birdseed. The brazen mid-day theft has mobilized me. Then I’ll get to the palettes.
A quick tour of my place this morning (in advance of my impending visitors) yielded a long “to do” list for this week. I went immediately to work on the palettes when Steve and company left; I’ve done no housework since they left. Hello laundry; hello dusting and vacuuming. 
Company always gets me cleaning and this week ends with a bang: On Friday I go to Nanoose Bay to join Dianne, DR, Jane and Dana for a mid-day lunch together as the curtain comes down on summer. And then on Saturday, Herman, Sharon and Julien come here for lunch. So Thursday I’ve to shop and bake.
And then … it’s show time! I get the soil and seeds and I start to seed the backyard!

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