Saturday, August 17, 2019

Not Limp Wrists but Gimp Wrists on this Gay Man

It’s cloudy today but I am okay with that! I want to spend the day rotting on the couch watching movies and reading. But that ain’t gunna happen! I’ll be back at the palettes after Sheba and I go for a walkabout. I’m aiming to finish them this weekend.
But I’m bloody exhausted. I worked hard most all of the summer and then came a flurry of guests, and now there’s this palette destruction. And  and Thursday night was my picnic with Patsy and last night I had dinner at James (more below). Phew!
Tonight is the neighbourhood potluck supper but there’s no way I’m doing that—especially alone. I’ll be on the couch.

It clouded over around noon yesterday so working on the palettes wasn’t as sweaty. But my right wrist swells up incredibly when I use it—however, at least I can use it. And my left wrist is still swollen and bruised from me whacking it with a hammer on Thursday.
One palette took me two hours to dissemble. The builders’ used some kind of nail that was impossible to remove. Many planks splinter too. But Mr. Gimp Wrists persevered.
I got only two more palettes done. Then I had a spa before going to James’ for dinner with he and his two sisters, Monica and Paula. They’ve all moved here since I arrived.  I worked with Paula in the theatre long ago and I’m just getting to know her siblings.
It was lovely to drive with my top down in spectacular sunshine and to smell the warm fragrant scents of the hot forest. It was also a delight to be served a delicious dinner after so demanding a day. I felt more “of this place” being invited to a meal at a friend’s house on the island. 
I found another palette in a neighbour’s garbage, so I have four more to do now. I’m slow but steady so I can return the tools to Jay. 
I had a chat with a fellow dog walker who told me about some of the things she’d been doing during the summer. There were trips to sites on the big island, many beach visits and she took in several island events with her friends. I felt jealous and I said to myself: “Next year, I party.”
But as I drove home with Sheba, I thought: Wait a minute. I could be partying but I don’t. And then I asked myself why I don’t party more. I decided it’s okay and that next year I truly will “play” more than I have this year.
Why am I confident? Because I realized my life pattern is similar to my day pattern. Every single day, I clean my house, feed the pets and water the gardens before I do project work. I want all that exists to be “under control” or properly managed before I go on to creating new things. So I’m sure that as this big landscaping project winds down with the seeding and laying of the path, I’ll have my whole place “under control” and I’ll have the time next summer to “party.”
Unless I build a pond.
Last night, Monica told me about the pond at her place. (It belongs to her landlord who grows Himalaya berries without prickles and I’m getting a starter.) I’m going to have a visit to see it; it could whet my appetite.

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