Monday, August 26, 2019

Starting the Pathway

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day. It was such a perfect summer day but a day that also lets you know that Fall is coming. The morning wind was cool but the sun was deliciously warm to the touch. 
Sheba and I went on the large community dog walk and then I went into the village to get the wood preservative I need, a brush with which to apply it and to get some soil I’ll use to stabilize the planks and fill the cracks. Today I’ll actually get started on the pathway. It’s going to be thinner than I planned on but I think it’s going to look okay.
Preserving the wood was something I didn’t anticipate doing, but it seems prudent. I laid a few planks down, to see how it looked and was not discouraged. But I decided not to do anything but get ready yesterday because I was tired from the days before. And it was Sunday. 
Today I’ll go on the small community dog walk before I get started. I may order the soil, too, maybe seed the first section of the yard this week. (I don’t want to do the whole yard at once; I want to do it in sections just as I did the clearing and tilling in sections.)
My vegetable garden is amazing!! Suddenly the Strawberries look like giant healthy plants. It has to be the cool weather. I assume next year will be better as they will be on established root systems. Who knows? I have to do some reading.
My beets are looking awesome, too. Well … some of them. Not, by any means, all of them. But next year I won’t be landscaping every day and I’ll be more attentive. My Tomatoes are plentiful and delicious. 
The Deer have thrust their long beautiful noses through my fence and eaten my Raspberries, so more screen mesh has to go up. And as for my Blueberry bushes, they’ve been kind of struggling; I have greater hopes for next year.
Seeding the backyard and laying the wooden pathway will keep me outdoors through September. Then the indoor season starts; it will be my third winter here so I know I can survive but right now I wonder what the Hell I’m going to do with so much time to fill.
One thing I may do, is re-read some of the books I read long ago and loved maximally. Angle of Repose, At Swim Two Boysand Cutting for Stone  top my list.

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