Monday, August 12, 2019


It feels as though Steve and Lydia took part of me away with them. I’m not sad anymore but I feel rather empty. My energy is low. The weather changed as dramatically as my mood; it’s been cooler, darker and damper since they left. But summer is predicted to return over the next two days and set in for a while—including the day I’ll be going to Nanoose Bay to see the Elder Posse (Dianne, DR, Jane & Dana).
Jay has proposed that we go to Nanaimo tomorrow so I can try to get some old palettes from some big box stores. I want to disassemble them and use the wood to build a wooden walkway through the backyard. (To thank him, I’m taking him some Hazelnut ice cream that I made because he has a Hazelnut orchard.)
I hope this plan works out. If it does, it will give me something to do. I’ll have to dismantle all the palettes I get and remove all the nails. Then I have to cut the pieces into the right lengths, shape some of them for curves, drill them all at each end and then fasten them down with landscaping stakes.
It may prove to be a dorky idea, but it’s a project to occupy me until it’s time to spread the soil and seed the yard. And it’ll get me into my studio. I’m not heating my studio this winter, except when I am in it. So having projects is vital. I’m taking a bag on the dog walk today in which to collect more leaves.
Projects carry me forward. I can’t sit and rot through winter. 
I’m collecting leaves and I have a plan to use them to make a wreath that I plan to hang here somewhere. I’ve more leaves to collect and then, once they are dry, I will varnish them to give luster to their colours. I’m also of a mind to gild the stems of some to see if the small ones I’ve collected can become some very ephemeral jewelry. 
I got some social invitations: One to a neighbourhood potluck dinner and another to an anniversary party with my fellow dog-walkers. And Patsy has proposed a picnic. I’ve said yes to the picnic and the anniversary but I’m not yet sure about the potluck.

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