Monday, August 26, 2019


It was a perfect day for working, but I did not go to work on the pathway today as enthusiastically as I did on the landscaping this past Spring. Perhaps I’m tired of the endless working. But I did get started and I can stick to it al this week (but the store is out of wood preservative and I only have enough to do as much as you can see in the photos below. 
The actual pathway—at east my work to date on it—looks better to me than it does in the photos. I’ll seed the soil between the planks and when it grows in I think it’ll look fine. I’m plenty happy with it and will continue.
This is the fabulous Maple worktable I found in the shed.
Look at the joinery. It comes apart easily for me to move.
This is a single landscape pin.
This is the pathway leading from the edge of the
courtyard. The soil will be seeded.
My garden wharf.

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