Thursday, August 1, 2019

I'm Becoming Ambidextrous

Yesterday was another lovely day. (Today and tomorrow are supposed to be iffy; we may get some showers.) I went in to see the doc and then went shopping mid-day, and then came home to do some general tidying up around the yard and in the shed. All so the place “shines” for Steve, and all done primarily with my left hand.
I’m becoming ambidextrous. I’ve had to learn how to do several things differently. Although I sneeze without concern any more—my back/rib is healing—my wrist hurts too much to feed myself (with my right hand) or do up my belt, my fly, put on socks, do up buttons etc., etc. But I’m getting good with my left hand and I’m a patient man.
I was dismayed by the doc’s assessment that arthritis was pinching my Ulnar nerve; arthritis can’t be fixed. But she did mention the possibility of a bespoke brace and she gave me an analgesic gel that’s great.
I worked diligently all afternoon doing things I’d been putting off for ages. I want everything to look as clean and tidy as possible. I had a spa at the end of the day, of course, as prelude to the excitement of a new episode of The Great British Baking Show.
I was up super early and got right to work. I swept the yard clear of Fir cones, cleaned the fireplace and screen, harvested Peas, cleaned the bathrooms … you get the idea; I’m a whirlwind in the mornings.
I’m took Sheba in for a clip and a clean this morning and did some shopping on the way back. I’ll spend the rest of the day tweaking the gardens and tonight I’ll make a special ice cream for next week’s visitors.
It’s cloudy and it may rain tonight. I hope it does. Tomorrow’s likely to be iffy as well, but the hot spectacular weather is predicted for the week Steve and family are here. Check mate!

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