Friday, August 30, 2019

Days of Rest Ahead

The real photo of my backyard is posted below; in this one, I used Photoshop to turn the ground green to look like grass and I love the look. I’ll add plants in the future and I’ll feel like I’m living in my own private park.
As the photo shows, I got a lot of pathway laid yesterday before I ran out of landscape pins. But what a truly lovely day I had now that the backyard is really coming together. The tree surrounds and pathway make it look so close to being done.
I’m way past the halfway mark now. Today, I’ll fill the gaps that aren’t done between the planks and clean up all the wood from the palettes that I won’t be using. I’ve got to saw it up so that I can burn it.
I’m happy to not be using the wood preservative today and working in the hot sun. I’ll get back to it next week when more pins arrive, but I don’t have much more to do before I run out of wood.
I also have to tidy up the studio. I have a billet arriving today to stay during the performing arts festival here this weekend.
It was supposed to rain this weekend but the outlook has changed. That’s good news for the festival here this weekend, but bad news for the gardens. And all of next week is predicted to be sunny and hot so seeding the lawns ain’t gunna happen.
I’m glad I ran out of landscape pins and that I’m almost out of wood. I can rest today, doing normal light duties and all next week will be a holiday for me too—and I’ll keep holidaying until the rains come and then it’ll be time to seed the new lawns.

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