Thursday, August 15, 2019

Work, Work, Work!

A stunning morning greeted me this morning, so I went for a walkabout in the yard. The fountain took me by surprise: It was full of slime so I went searching for a brush to remove it in the shed and discovered rats had invaded and were feasting on the grass seed I have in there for use in a couple of weeks. There’s nothing like the smell of pond scum and rat piss in the morning!
I cleaned up all the seed and droppings (zillions of them) and discovered the beasties had eaten all the plastic off my garden hand tools too. And then I went back to cleaning the fountain that is now spouting pristine water. Phew!
And as I cleaned the filter in the fountain, I realized I needed to clean the spa filter as well. So I did that, gave my spa a booster treatment and then decided to do something I’d been putting off forever.
I got a hose out of the shed and used it to create a siphon that enabled me to “vacuum” all the waterlogged Fir needles out of the spa. I’m thrilled I finally did it. My spa, too, is pristine now and I topped it up with some fresh water. 
All this was done by 9:00 am and half my energy has been expended even before I touch the crowbar. 
I wonder if I’ll remember all the things I’m learning about the seasons. Who knew late summer was ‘Spider Season?’ They are everywhere and, at the same time, I’ve few birds around now that I’ve stopped landscaping. My feeders sit full, which is fine. Even the Hummingbirds are not feeding at the feeder. I presume the forest and gardens are providing all the food they need at this time of year. Everything is seeding.
I’m going to try harder to stick to my project today. I got very tired, very quickly yesterday and only got 2.5 palettes dismantled.  It’s hard to do take old wood palettes apart when one wrist is painful and won’t work properly.
I think I may clean some wood and see how it looks and works on the path before I do all the rest of the deconstruction. If it looks ugly, I won’t continue. I’ve got all day to try to stick to it and then I’m meeting Patsy for a picnic at five at Drumbeg. That will be a very nice way to end the day.
I suspect Mr. Trudeau is a decent man but politics is a very dirty game. He’s more a Party man than a Prime Minister; he puts the party and the retention of power in the supreme position ahead of doing what’s best for us, his constituents. This second breach of ethics is much more serious than the first.
The first one—accepting a benefit from the Aga Khan—seemed like simple greed rationalized, I presume, by his belief in himself. This second breach is much more egregious; his constantly changing explanation, his revenge against his two cabinet critics and his refusal to cooperate with the inquiry tell me he knew exactly what he was doing and his refusal to apologize, saying he “disagreed” with some of the findings, disgusts me. 
Sadly, the findings of the Ethics Commissioner open the door for Andrew Scheer who’s cut from the same cloth as the moral void called Stephen Harper. I end every one of my thought threads about politics the same way: “Thank God I live on Gabriola.”

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