Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Free Wood Secured!

It’s entirely weird to not have anything pressing to do—especially during un-summery weather such as that which we had yesterday morning. After the community dog walk, I just laid about for a while, before I went shopping, had a spa and then did some baking.
In the afternoon, the sun came out and it felt glorious. Its return seemed to bring me back to love of my forest life. When I talked to Dianne yesterday, she said she’d likely visit in September and that thrills me—the visits of all my guests thrill me. And I think I’m doing better in their company; I did not have many seizures when Steve was here.
I can feel Autumn at my back. The mornings are cooler and there are intimations of transition everywhere in the forest—the branches are thick with spider web, the first mushrooms are appearing and the glorious colours of fall are appearing in the Acers. 
Things will slow down. I’ll be watering less, there’ll be no more modest harvesting, the shortening of the days will increase the amount of time I spend indoors and the difference in temperature between the air and the spa will heighted the thrill of getting into it.
Today dawned beautifully and we’re in for at least a solid week of summer weather. 
I went to Nanaimo this morning with Jay and scored quite a few old palettes. I was back by 1:00 to give Jay, a Hazelnut orchardist, some of my home-made Hazelnut ice cream and he loved it. Now I have a week of lovely weather in which to deconstruct the palettes and lay the recovered planks for my path.

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