Friday, July 17, 2020


This is my third summer here. This is my first summer here with Mosquitoes. I guess the amount of rain we’ve had has allowed them to breed in vast numbers. Every time I go out, I get bitten. 

I’m starting to see and feel modest improvements in my shape and feel of clothes on my body. Each little improvement noticed helps me stay resolved to stick with my new lifestyle. I can’t say I miss baking and eating the results that much. Perhaps the abundance of fruit available.

Last year's work.

This is the work I did yesterday.

The path to the gate is finished and now the purple 
Campion flower bed has an edge to it.

I got to work on the boardwalk with enthusiasm. Laying the planks is the last step. But my enthusiasm waned when I discovered my drill bit was dull and I didn’t have enough soil for filling in between planks. But hey—I’m not in a hurry.

I have to level the land, drill the planks and then hammer long plastic pins into the ground through the holes to secure each plank. It’s not easy in such rocky ground. Then, I pack soil between the planks and hope that things seed quickly because they growth anchors the wood in place better than the pins.

Like many jobs, it’s hard on my back being bent over all the time. However, I persevered—even without my usual baked rewards—and got it done. It’s now entirely finished. Hurrah! I know: It looks like shite, right now. But once weeds and grass start growing it’ll age and look like the part that I completed last year.

Once I was done putting all my tools away, it was time to take Sheba to the park and then I came home to water the front gardens. After an early rise and early start to working yesterday, I finally finished just before five and I got directly into the spa.

My dog walkers have proposed that we have another game of Croquet! I’m chuffed they like to play! We’re playing next Thursday, weather permitting.

And finally: I’ve lost twelve and a half pounds in the past month (and three days). I’m stoked! It’s so encouraging to see the weight disappear. I’ve another twenty pounds to go, but I’m going to do it!

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