Friday, July 31, 2020


I was up early to do errands before taking off for the ferry and drive to Victoria. It was a beauty of a day and Sheba was clearly feeling much, much better. I could see it in every aspect of her behavior.

The same was true for me. I walked up a hill yesterday and felt like a marathoner. The loss of weight has made a huge difference to my comfortable mobility. I walked up the hill breathing normally through my nose! In the past, with Eoin, I’d been panting.

Once off the ferry, we drove right through to Victoria and stopped at Oak Bay High School where Sheba could romp on the fields. When I got to Todd and Jessica’s, I went for a beach walk in the incredible heat with Todd, and then the whole mob (eleven of us) went to Smugglers’ Cove, a small beautiful beach that Jess and Todd frequent.

I stayed ‘til three and then left and hit a massive traffic jam on the highway back where construction was underway, and when I got to the ferry terminal, the line up went way up the street to the docks and I thought I’d be there for a two-sailing wait.

But I only had to wait fifty minutes even though they’ve abandoned the priority loading of residents. Poor Sheba could barely stand, she was so tired. And we were all glad to get home—the cats came running to greet us. The gardens survived the hot day.

Today is a mixture of blue sky and clouds. It’s cooler and will likely stay this way all day. The heat wave is over. There may be showers on Sunday.

Today’s agenda: A community dog walk and then I’ll carry on tilling the land where the fruit trees go. I’ll enjoy my day. I loved my adventure yesterday. I loved driving with the air conditioner and cruise control on and seeing spectacular views along the way. And, of course, I was thrilled to be with so many Humphries! They are family to me.

But it’s very good to be back home.

I’m very happy to include the photos, below, from yesterday. My iPhone is toast for now. (I’m not sure how I’m going to solve that problem yet.) So, I took my iPad and used it as my camera. And when I got home, I found a cable that works to enable me to download my photos. 

Todd and Shara.

Our view.

Chris & Frani. Chris built the pubic theatre I designed for
North Vancouver in the mid 1970s.

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