Friday, July 10, 2020

Indian Pipe

Above is Indian Pipe—also known as Corps Plant or Ghost Plant—is a carnivorous parasite that lives off fungi that co-exist symbiotically with trees—particularly Birch trees. They're translucent white because they have no chlorophyll; they're currently blooming in our forest! The photo is by Eoin.
Yesterday morning I went shopping, did laundry and tidied up around the house and yard. And when I was getting gasoline, I noticed a gentleman from the wine store put a palette against a tree at the corner of his yard. So, when I left the gas station, I went to the wine store and asked if the palette was available for the taking—and it was. More fuel for my boardwalk!
I took a risk, I hung my laundry on the line outside and prayed it wouldn’t rain—or, even better, that there might be some sunny periods. And there were! I had such sweet smells in my sheets and duvet when I went to bed.
But before I went to bed, I watched Terence Rattigan’s The Deep Blue Sea. I didn’t care much for it, I’m sorry to say. After Normal People, I’m tired of people handicapped by misspent passion. And I didn’t like the coldness of the direction and set, given the heat of the plot. 
You should see my front lawn! It’s got a lot of little gaps in it, but it looks fabulous! I’ve been digging up all the weeds—I’ve never, once, weeded the front lawn that I planted in the Spring of 2018. Hence, all the little gaps that’ll eventually fill in, especially if this cool wet Summer continues.
The front lawn is very hard to maintain, surrounded as I am by a forest that’s fecund with seeding things and that drops buckets of acidic needles, cones and growth caps into the wind. But I’m going to spot seed in some areas to see if I can make it slightly lusher where it’s thin.
Next up at National Theatre at Home, is Amadeus. I’m not very interested but the reviews are so, so good, I’ll see how it goes and won’t be surprised if I get hooked.
I invited the dog walkers to play a game of Croquet next week, and they’re all in! I’m stoked We’ll play and have refreshments next week.
Today, I’m off to Nanaimo on foot, so there’s no waiting for the ferry. And at the other end, I’ll walk up to the White Spot to meet John and Bunny. We’re getting take-out to eat together in a park, and we’ll enjoy a promenade together whilst we get caught up.

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