Monday, July 27, 2020

Prepping My Outback

My tasks yesterday began with finishing the cushions that are now lighter in colour than the sofa. I don’t care about the difference in colour though. This is Gabriola. I may take the sofa outside and wash it too.

The lush green (left) I planted last year. All the green beyond the Japanese Maple
is weeds and that is what I am removing to prepare for seeding in the Fall.

After the dog walk, I got to work on the part of my land where my fruit trees grow. I’ve also got several Lavender plants growing amongst the trees on land I’ve never seeded. Weeds grow in abundance, but they are dying now and so it’s easier for me to extract them and leave the land bare.

Yes, it’s full of demon seeds, but come Fall, I’ll add some new soil and saturate the area with grass seed in hopes of keeping weeds at bay. My decision to do this happened spontaneously as I began to till yesterday. When I finish executing this plan in the Fall, Now I’ve only one area left “wild” (ie: weedy) and I’ll likely attend to it next year.

It was hot yesterday. By eight-thirty am, it was already twenty degrees, and in the afternoon, it reached thirty-one degrees. I’d work for a while, and then come and sit in front of the fan to cool and dry off, have a drink and then get back to it. I got a great start done, but I stopped at one o’clock. I was just too hot and tired from a super busy day on Saturday.

Sheba was limping again yesterday, so we took short walks. The forest is incredibly beautiful right now; it’s fragrant and cool. I love the walks as much as Her Highness does.

This is awesome weather. It is such a privilege to be so comfortable and bugless in my home where it’s nice and cool, and to have all the screened doors and windows open. I love going to bed and feeling the breeze on my face.

Sheba is walking better this morning, so we’ll go on the walk first and then I’m excited about getting back to work on the fruit tree area—at least for a while. And I’m watering some gardens twice a day now and I’ve made shade for my Paulownia tree (its huge leaves can’t take the heat).

Today is predicted to reach thirty-three! The heat saps my energy, but I’ll get as much done as I can. If the tilling is too much, I can do some transplanting in the edible garden instead. Summer! Yay!

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