Tuesday, July 14, 2020

To the Palettes!

I watered in the morning and did some soil refreshment before gathering everything for our Croquet game yesterday; the game was a huge success. Everyone wants to play again in a couple of weeks. We played in sunshine with a fresh breeze; we were warm and Mosquito-free. Doug won.
I did nothing on the boardwalk yesterday. So, that’s all I’ll do today. The weather looks promising for working tomorrow, too. Thursday may be shitty, but on the weekend the Summer arrives! By the end of the day, Sunday, I should have finished the walk.
I’m stuck. I’ve lost ten pounds, but I’ve stopped dropping weight as quickly. But I don’t care. I feel better even ten pounds lighter, so I’ have no trouble at all continuing to watch what I eat. I’m hoping the work I’ll be doing on the boardwalk will help me burn calories.
I may have to start exercising. Quelle horreur!
Because I want to get working on the palettes, I’m taking Her Highness on a short walk this morning. But this afternoon, we’re going to go to a trail where a friend saw small groves of Corpse Flowers blooming. 
And tonight, I try an experiment: I’m going to lay lettuce around the base of some plants being besieged my slugs. My plan is to offer them easier-access food.

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