Wednesday, July 8, 2020


I was Harriet the harried housewife all day yesterday, even though I had no handsome hunky husband to smother me with reward at the end of the day. I did laundry, vacuumed the entire house, cleaned all the interior surfaces, collected and sorted all the garbage and recycling and watered my two thirstiest gardens. 
I want to do all my garden and inside chores and keep up with things so that when the good weather comes, I can devote myself to finishing the garden boardwalk. Jay is lending me the tools I need to deconstruct the palettes for the wood I’ll be laying down.
I was so tired from all the work, I was in bed at eight pm last night.
The days, to my relief and total amazement, roll by without any difficulty. I’ve suffered no angst about this curfew with which we live thanks to the demands of the pets and the yard—plus the spa, TV and Internet. Everything is good and easy in Summertime, no matter the weather.
But living like this through winter may be more challenging.  … Must … buy … books!
My fresh-picked Strawberries made a sweet, sweet dessert for me Sunday night, by the way. Oh my God, they were good! And to think that I’ll be able to pick myself a dessert every two days. And soon … Blueberries!
It’s not raining and there’s some blue sky. That’s such a sad sentence for July. I’ll continue to do yard work so that I can have everything done and be ready to attend to the boardwalk next week when sunshine is predicted.
I’m off to join my fellow dog walkers and it’s going to be thrilling because its Ocean Spray season. To think I lived here in B.C. my whole life and I’d never heard of Ocean Spray until I moved here. 
It’s a deciduous bush that can grow to huge proportions and it grows everywhere here, all through the forest. And it’s wonderfully fragrant. When it blooms each July, it’s covered in cascading clumps of delicate white blossoms. Its blossoms are like upside down Lilacs.

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