Saturday, July 11, 2020

To Nanaimo!

I got up at five am yesterday, anticipating an exciting day trip to Nanaimo to meet John and Bunny. It dawned a beautiful bright day with a warm (but not hot) temperature.
I was a domestic goddess from the moment my feet touched the floor. I cleaned, vacuumed the entire house, processed garbage, swept out the shed and even did some gardening before I went on the small dog walk with my friends.
Then it was home to load my backpack—mostly with things for Sheba—and headed off to catch the ferry. I found a place to park, leashed up Sheba and went as a foot passenger onto the ferry. On the Nanaimo side, I was able to walk almost the entire way north to the restaurant on a pedestrian walkway beside the sea.
J&B said they’d be at the restaurant around one o’clock, so I got there at a quarter to, but they did not arrive until one forty, just as I was considering leaving.
We got take-out food and walked to a nearby park to sit and eat together. And we talked and talked and had lots of laughs together, but Bunny is not doing terribly well, and the wind was fierce, so after only an hour and a half together, we went our separate ways.
Ten minutes after arriving at the terminal, the Gabriola ferry arrived, and we were home in time for me to have a spa in the last of the sunshine. I was so pooped I could barely get out of the tub. Bed came early.
Today is cloudy and it’s supposed to rain later, so today is a day of rest. And I need it after yesterday. But good weather is coming, and Jay delivered the tools I need to get started on the boardwalk completion project tomorrow.
Justin Trudeau’s oh-so-sincere form of discourse has been revealed to be a total sham by his government’s dealings with the WE charity. I still prefer the Liberals to the Conservatives, but his posturing and insincerity has never been more apparent. 
It’s so cool—it’s eight thirty Saturday morning and it’s only thirteen degrees—I lit a fire first thing this morning. Thirteen degrees in the middle of July!!

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