Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Roof Repair

It felt good to just relax on Monday. I went on the dog walk and Sheba did the entire walk without any foot problem. Still, we take things easy.

I watered the edible and front gardens and searched for any remaining Strawberries. The Blueberries are turning a deep rich blue, so I’ll soon be harvesting them too, as modest as my harvest is. 

The good thing about being almost out of projects, is that it occurred to me to call my dentist to see if they are back in business and they are. I also told Lifeline that Kevin and Shelly are willing to be my first responders if I push my aid alarm.

Sheba’s paws are a conundrum. She is barely walking this morning and today the problem is not the foot I took her to the vet about last week. It’s a different foot this morning and it seems there is always one foot hurting her. And I cannot see the problem, so I will likely take her back to the vet again if she doesn’t recover quickly.

Today I bake a tart. Tomorrow evening Jay and I are going to Eoin and Franois’ place for dinner on their deck with the million-dollar view of the Salish Sea. The tart will be dessert.

Also, today, I’ve a massive watering job to do. Now that it’s so hot, my poor plants get thirsty every day. And I’ve also to go up on the roof to see if I can figure out where the leak is that allows water to trickle onto my porch. It doesn’t matter, really, but I’d like to stop the dripping so that I can store some wood out there during the Winter. I reckon there’s some kind of tar I can buy to seal the seam where the porch roof meets the house roof.

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