Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Spectacular Dinner

Yesterday morning, I found my first little Tree Frog. Could anything be cuter? He’d climbed up the wall of the hot tub and so I moved him to the Fern garden. 

I went into the village for longer screws to replace some of the loose roof screws so that I could continue working on the roof of the house yesterday. It’s going to be quite the job for me—much more than I imagined. But I’m going to stop the leak in the porch. I’m re-sealing the entire joint between the porch roof and the house roof where the tar has dried and cracked.

I tried a new screw immediately where the short screws failed to secure the roof, and it worked. Then I had to wait to work until the roof was in the shade to get going in earnest, replacing all the screws. But I got it done, and today I’ll apply the sealer to the seam. I’m certain I have fixed the leak and I’m chuffed about that!

I can see my next job will be attending to the edible garden. Everything is growing at an incredible pace and so there’s some trimming and staking to do. And I’m going to get some mulch for the Strawberry beds to protect the next crop of berries from contact with the soil.

Are you bored yet?

Last night with the boys on the deck eating extraordinary food was sensational. It was a perfect night of great, great food and excellent company. Eoin worked in the restaurant business before moving here and man-oh-man, can you tell when his food hits your palette.

And my dessert was a huge hit, I’m proud to say. And I ate a large piece of the tart without any guilt at all. I thought of it as a reward for doing so well, so quickly, with my diet.

I’m putting a sock on Sheba’s bad foot and she’s very good about tolerating it, so we are making progress again on her mobility. But for how long, I wonder. I’m going to the vet for a consultation today. I think Sheba’s doing the damage to herself and I want to try to find out why.

All thoughts of a pond are gone. I’ve faced the facts about Racoons. Jay has suggested I plant Ivy on the land where I was going to put the pond, and I may do that and add some Ferns in big pots. It’s land that gets no direct sunlight and under Fir trees.

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