Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Eighteen! Go figure!

Tuesday began with some tidying before Bev and John’s visit. Then I took Her Highness for our morning meander. Her foot seems much better. She walked well yesterday and even went for long periods without her sock showing no interest at all in licking her paw. It’s a huge relief. 

And it’s a good thing, because Bev phoned at ten-thirty proposing that we meet at The Surf for lunch at eleven-forty-five, and so I took her for a long walk to tire her out. That way, she slept while I was gone.

We had a great lunch! As we ate, thin high clouds filled the sky and it cooled off. After lunch we all came back here, but they left quickly to catch the ferry back to Nanaimo and I took Her Highness to the park before coming home for a spa and a gentle quiet evening watching TV.

Then I got back to work on tilling the land around the fruit trees while I awaited my guests. I’m doing in that area what I did all over my backyard last year, so I’ve developed an efficient technique.

I feel almost “high” about this work I am doing. There’ll be no more wondering what to do and fretting about how unsightly it is. I’m a little OCD inclined, so it grated on me to see the unfinished land beside the area I’d worked so hard to beautify.

My iPhone has broken. No more camera. Oh wait … I have an iPad but it’s so much chunkier to carry. So, pooey!

I was stunned this morning: I weighed myself and I weighed 194.3. I’ve lost eighteen pounds! I cannot believe it and I’m thrilled. I thought the weight loss would slow down, but it hasn’t. I’ve lost three pounds a week since I decided to lose weight on June 16.

Today, it’s back to work around the fruit trees. I may get it finished. I’ll see. I’m tempted to keep going and do the last area as well as the fruit tree area because I enjoy having a project—especially one with no deadline.

There are always birds in my fountain. Often, when I go in the shed, there’s a bird in there, too. I keep shed the doors open to help the wood dry; that’s how they get in. I have birds in my berry bed, too; I’ve pretty much resolved to do away with the nets and let nature take its course. 

They perch in and on my fences and trees, they love to forage in the soil I reveal as I till, and they are fascinated with the water gushing out of the hose when I water—especially the Hummingbirds. There are birds everywhere this year. They are wonderful company and a constant source of interest and joy. 

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