Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Sixteen Down

Working on Monday was rather brutal for this old man! I kept coming inside for a cold drink and to sit in front of the fan every forty minutes or so. But very satisfactory progress was made. I’d say I’m about sixty to sixty-five percent done, and once I’ve cleared the land, I’ll add lots of peat and soil and seed it in the Fall.

That will leave one last section to do—the area where I wanted to put a pond. I’ll do there, what I’ve just done to the fruit tree area this year. Then my yard will be completely landscaped, and I think it’ll be really lovely next year.

My completed boardwalk invites you deep into my yard, and if you take it, you arrive at the large garden under the trees and the fruit trees. But the land there looked horrific; it hosted weeds that would go to seed and sprout nasties in my lawn. I’m not a fanatic. I don’t care that much about weeds, but why help more grow?

I did three sessions and by then it was thirty-two degrees and so I quit. I have lots of time before I seed in the Fall. But it looks lovely and I’m very glad I undertook this job. It’s going to make my backyard look much tidier with lawn and dotted with Lavender and bordered by natural shrubs and Hydrangeas. 

I’ve still a couple of more days of work ahead, with this project. In this heat, progress is slow. 

Sheba and I are still doing short walks, which we did yesterday. I had a spa, once the sun was behind some trees and I made a tart that I froze for Dianne’s visit next month.

This morning I weighed myself. I weigh exactly one hundred and ninety-six pounds. I’ve now lost sixteen and a half pounds and I’m thrilled. I feel better, I move better, and I’m committed to losing another sixteen.

Today, my friend Bev, who lives in Nanaimo, is coming for visit with her man, John. We may go to the Surf for lunch.

And finally: I’m seeing progress in Sheba’s recovery. And thank God! 

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