Friday, July 3, 2020

Cistern Recovering

Thursday was overcast. After Her Highness and I had our walk, I did some garden work and wrote some long emails to friends whom I have not seen for a long time. Then we went to Rollo Park for a romp and whilst she recovered, I watched the last two episodes of Normal People—magnificent acting in a monotonous plot.  
I spent no time with my pals in the little hometown of Olive Kitteridge. Instead, I spent the day worrying about water; I was insecure that the cistern was not filling up. So. When I awoke this morning at five-thirty, I got up and went outside immediately to see if the water level in it had risen, and it had! Hooray! 
And it’s raining this morning, so I will not need to water any gardens and the cistern can fill all day. I am hugely relieved to be free of the worry of water problems. 
Today begins with a (wet) dog walk, but I’m taking the short route with Her Highness as her paws still have healing to do. And then I’ll come home and light a small fire to raise my spirits on this dark, damp day. I’ll read Olive and watch the National’s Les Blancs.
There’s no Summer weather in the foreseeable future! It feels like May outdoors every day. The grass grows, everything grows like mad and I read. I miss endless days of puttering in the yard in bright warm sunshine and walking barefoot on the beaches. I hope days like that are ahead!

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