Monday, July 6, 2020

Strawberry Harvest

Sunday, post dog walk, was lazy. I did not want to get started on finishing the boardwalk, only to have to wait forever to get a second day of work done. I napped, went to the park with Sheba, had a lovely long spa and then settled in for a night with PBS.
Today, given that it’s sunny and bright, I’ve been mowing, raking and tidying up the yard. That’s what I’ll do all morning whilst Her Highness rests after a long community dog walk.
I saw Kevin (my secret crush) and Shelly and they’re up for coming over for a bar-b-que when the weather warrants it. So, when we get the next stretch of good weather, they’ll come over and we’ll sit safely outdoors.
After a dreadful visit three years ago, and silence since, Robert contacted me and proposed that we get together when I’m next in Vancouver. He’s shite, but I care for him and by seeing him I can rid myself of the anger I’ve been carrying since his visit by putting it behind a civil reunion.

I am so proud of my Strawberries—and f’en thrilled by their taste. This is what a daily harvest looks like; this is my first time growing food and experiencing that freshness and brightness of their fresh-picked taste. Yum!
And my first Blueberry is ripe. Bajillions will soon follow. I want to make a Blueberry pie with them but I’m so keen on the diet, I won’t. 

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