Thursday, July 30, 2020

To Victoria

My weed whacker arrived. When I went to pick it up at the hardware store, I could barely speak to the clerk. I definitely find living a little more challenging without a therapist to talk to, but I love being “off leash” and have no plans to change it. When I am with friends—being with them is the only aspect of living that matters—I am ninety percent symptom free! 

When I got home, I tried to charge the battery of the whacker, but it would not work. An alarm comes on that says the battery is defective. Of course it is! I’ll have to pursue this once I’m back from Victoria.

I called my friends Chris and Frani to chat and discovered that they are in Victoria, so today I’m going to drive down to see them. Their daughter and two children-in-law and all their grandchildren will be there. (Their son is working.) I love the entire family and known the kids their whole lives; it’ll be a great, great visit. 

I’ll have a beautiful drive going there and returning. Sheba and I will have some nice walks on our way there and back. Only catching the ferry home will likely be a challenge.

Last night I drenched all the gardens; they’ll get through their day today okay without me. I’m catching the seven-thirty ferry.

Tomorrow, there’s a chance of showers and on Sunday, rain is predicted. I hope the weather office is correct. We could do with some rain. After tomorrow, it’s predicted to be cooler and semi-cloudy.

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