Saturday, July 18, 2020

Boardwalk Totally Done!

Sumer is truly underway. Finally! There’s only sunshine forecast for the foreseeable future, with temperatures in the high twenties. And I’ve lost twelve-and-a-half pounds in a month! Life is good!

I started the day making use of an over-ripe Melon. I cut its juicy meat into squares and loaded them into my solid food Hummingbird feeder. It only took two minutes for the Fruit Flies to swarm all over it. Now, besides nectar, my beloved little birds can eat the flies and get valuable protein.

Sheba was doing well enough to join my friends for the Friday morning dog walk, but we turned back after a while (so as not to overdo things) and went shopping for the food I’ll serve Kevin and Shelly on Sunday.

I took and posted this photo on Thursday of the
weed-filled boardwalk. 

This was taken yesterday.

Not a weed in sight!

Regarding the photos above: I think having a project that involves physical effort will help me lose weight, so I decided that today’s task would be cleaning up the boardwalk I laid last year—by hand

I took several breaks. Why not? But I kept at it and it was easy to do once I saw how lovely and clean and inviting it is when it’s maintained. But my long-handled clippers broke and so I was reduced to using scissors for all the clipping!

I started at ten-thirty in the morning and didn’t finish until after four and I was doing a job that a weed whacker would have done in ten minutes! I’m getting a weed whacker next week. I ordered it online already! Now, the boardwalk stands out when you look at the yard—and I’m thrilled to see it completed.

My lawn is kind of lame. It looks great, but it’s not lush. I’ll have to get a fertilizer and applicator, I reckon, if I want to it become lush. But that may be a Sisyphean task. So, to help it gain a footing, the boardwalk invites people into the yard, keeping guests off the tender lawn.

My home-grown catnip is a hit with Fred and Ethel.

After the boardwalk was done, so was I. I took Sheba for a lovely slow stroll in the sunshine, smelling the spectacular scents of the hot summer forest. And when I got home, I got into the spa to think about what today’s chore could be.

I’ve been seriously tempted to build a pond. I’ve been visiting websites that sell pond supplies and watching videos about how to build a pond. But for the past few mornings, I’ve noticed that rocks around my garden have been moved—they’ve been turned over. I reckon Racoons must come into the yard in the night to search for grubs and the like.

So, no pond. I don’t want to invest in fish and water plants only to have everything destroyed by Racoons. I’ve been through it before.

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