Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Costin & Théo

About the photos above …
I met Costin through an aquarium store in Vancouver that is owned by a long-time acquaintance from my theatre days. I hired him to come to my place twice a month to help me maintain the sixty-gallon tank I had when I last lived in Vancouver.
Mush to my delight and amazement, our professional relationship turned personal. Across four decades, we connected over fish, theatre, chronic illness and a love of life and food. We started going out for dinners together and eating at each other’s homes.
His wife is every bit as charming and accepting and warm as Costin is. Her name is Marina. The last time I was in Vancouver, I stayed over one night at their place after a fabulous meal together.
Théo was born in March. When I see him and them, I feel intense joy. I absolutely love these people who keep in touch and make me feel so wonderfully welcome.
After a cloudy morning yesterday, the sun came out before noon on a day that poor Sheba spent in bed. And it’s my fault. I walked her too long and far. Now I know that she has sensitive feet and that we cannot go on long walks together. My summer plan of long walks exploring trails with her is toast. We’ll do short ones instead.
Although the sunshine did its best to lure me outdoors, even to read, I sat inside all day with Sheba and her sore feet. I’d caused her discomfort, so I felt it my duty to spend the day with her. I read more of Olive Kitteridge.
What a brilliant book. At once a collection of short stories and a novel, Elizabeth Stroud’s writing style is perfect for the stories she tells and the time in which they are set. I feel like a member of the small town her protagonists share. I love her writing and will definitely consider reading more of her work.
Sheba is much better today, thank God. Still, we’re taking it very easy for another day. I’ll be back with Olive Kitteridge.

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