Saturday, July 4, 2020

Les Blancs

I watched Les Blancs yesterday. I began reluctantly because I don’t like to watch sad historical stories full of cruelty and social injustice. But the production was so incredibly well done, I was seduced. It’s provocatively written, and the staging is profoundly evocative. It’s a great, great production of a gruesome story.
It rained all day yesterday but today has dawned clear and bright.
But the best news is that I checked my cistern first thing this morning and it’s now almost full. I’m very lucky I thought to check its level on Wednesday. I used to check it regularly, but I’d become complacent of late.
It’s weird to not have something pressing to do in the yard. I’m waiting for a stretch of sunny and warm weather during which I can disassemble the old palettes I have on hand and clean and stain the lumber they yield so that I can complete the boardwalk through my backyard.
I’ll weed, most likely, and perhaps root some clippings of Sweet Boxwood. It’ll be nice today to be outside.

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