Sunday, July 5, 2020

Problems Solved

I began yesterday with enthusiasm for the day because it began with a cloudless sky but by noon it had clouded over and killed my spirit. Today has dawned like yesterday. It’s a stunning morning, but will it last? This, so far, has been a year without Summer. What the Hell?!
I really enjoyed Olive Kitteridge and I’ve finished it. But wait! Ms. Stroud has written a sequel: Olive Again. Somehow, I’m not tempted. Not yet. Sequels are so often, crappy.
This morning I go dog walking with the big group. Then it’s home to diddle away the day—inside if it clouds over and stays cool, outside if the sunshine persists. Starting tomorrow, and lasting through the week, we’re predicted to stay damp, dark and cool (for Summer).
The cistern is totally full. I am relieved. And Sheba walked on the gravel driveway this morning. She’s been very reluctant to walk on gravel since her feet started hurting, so it’s a good sign there’s been good recovery. And then she did very well on the entire dog walk route. All problems solved!
Today, I’m harvesting the first fresh Strawberries—after a nap in this welcome, glorious sunshine.

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