Thursday, July 16, 2020

Boardwalk: Day Three

I cleaned the house first thing yesterday morning, then I watered the backyard thoroughly. Watering is a bigger part of every day now that it’s hotter and brighter. Summer is finally here.
I like watering, though. It forces me to look at every plant in my gardens. And now that I am checking my cistern regularly, I use water generously knowing that it refills every night. Being home every day, means I am keeping up with watering and weeding so my gardens look pretty great (to my eyes).
I took Sheba to Rollo Park for a short walk where there’s thick, lush grass for her to walk on. Then I came home and got right to work on the palettes. Bad news: Three of the palettes are useless. The wood is too thin or too badly damaged on them, so I only did one more palette. 
With nothing else to do, I started staining the wood with preservative and did that all day. It was nice and warm, so it didn’t take long for the wood to dry. I got it all done. Today, I will lay it down. (Today might be the only day we get showers this week.) I may have to buy wood to finish the job. It’s easier than hassling Jay to borrow him and his truck to go to Nanaimo to find some more old palettes.
I love how the boardwalk floats on the land. You feel it give as you step on it, just like a wharf on water. Grass, weeds and flowers grow between the planks. I really like it. And it’s practical. It leads from my courtyard, the central feature of my backyard, to a gate in the back fence that opens into the forest.
Either late today or tomorrow, I hope to post a photo of the work I’ve done on the boardwalk. I can hardly wait to see how close I get to the gate with the new lumber I’ve prepared. 
Tonight: Amadeus with National at Home. Sadly, this is the last play that the National is releasing on YouTube for their At Home series. Sigh. It’s been such a joy every week to see such excellence on stage.

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