Sunday, July 19, 2020

A Clean(ish) Roof

Yesterday was rather hot and it’s going to stay hot and sunny for the next four days. 

I got right to work yesterday morning: sweeping the courtyard and deck, watering the edible and front gardens and then I took Sheba for a romp in the trails. With those things done early, I had the rest of the day to focus on the daily big project: Cleaning the roof of my studio.

It was challenging work to do safely. Right off the top, I almost fell off the ladder. But that taught me to be very careful. I cannot clear the crown of the roof, but I don’t care. It’s much better than it was. I removed three wheelbarrows chuck full of needles, cones and twigs off the roof and gutter. This is the side of my studio and the gutter that feeds a rainwater collecting barrel. 

I’ve had to learn how to use and do so, so many new things since moving here.

After that, it was time to mow the lawns in the backyard. Then I was done. It was spa time. But with every day, Pinecone Park looks better. I cannot believe how good it makes me feel to have this yard in which to work and play. It fulfills me to keep attending to this place. I am a loving temporary landlord.

See the (fake) Lavender wreath on my studio wall in a photo above? It's between the open door and the window to the left (that is reflecting light). On the bottom of the inside circle, a Hummingbird built its nest. I live in Paradise.

Last night, I tried to watch Amadeus on YouTube, but I couldn’t get into it. I’ll try again before it ends to see if I can stick with it. (I didn’t like the play when I saw it long ago, either.) That was the last show they’re releasing; how I am going to miss The National! 

I like this pattern of (mild) physical labour during the day. I’m astounded by the results. The boardwalk just stuns me now that I’ve seen it all cleaned up. And the clean studio roof makes a significant difference to me because it’s what I see through the French doors beside my desk.

The work makes me optimistic about weight loss and allows me to feel I’ve earned my spa at the end of the day and a restful evening. And I go to bed really early.

Today, I’m taking it easy. I’m just doing some tidying up and then some cooking because Kevin and Shelly are coming over for supper tonight on my deck.

Wild garlic growing.

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