Sunday, September 27, 2020


The showers stopped and the sky brightened just afternoon on Saturday. I quickly got into the spa. I was up to anything I could do to make time pass quickly. We walked, I sewed a long-split seam of a favourite coat, I read, but all I kept thinking about was Jess and Todd getting here. I was as a child anticipating Christmas.

I went to the fisher neighbour and bought Prawns, but they couldn’t safely thaw in time for our dinner. And I waited. And then suddenly, there they were. I was stupid with glee. We sat down and started talking and we didn’t stop until we went to bed.

We got pizzas and I had a salad made and, of course, the cake. The cake, my invention in a way, was fabulous. And they loved the cozy atmosphere of the studio and the fire. It really looked nice with the big white comforter on the bed.

Today, they want to go into the village to go to the Wishbone store and a walkabout. So that’s likely all we’ll do before they catch the ferry to go home. 

It was a great, great (but short) visit. 

It looks like the coming week is going to be a great one for Fred, Ethel, Sheba and I. F&E will be back out on the porch after the past week indoors, and Sheba and I will go on some long walks exploring new trails. And I get back to the starvation diet and completing the plastic curtain. I’m enjoying the curtain project and working in the studio with my new radio keeping me company.

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