Saturday, September 19, 2020


Friday was soft and gentle. I tidied up a little, but mostly I just read and went for walks with Sheba. I joined Kanopy, a wonderful resource for online films—many of which are really great. It’s a free site but you need to have a public library card to join. That’s all it takes.

In the evening, I watched My Octopus Teacher on Netflix. It was absolutely captivating. I highly recommend you watch this film! You’ll lose your heart to the little Octopus that is its star. The man (Craig Foster) and the remarkable little creature he befriends tell an extraordinary and extremely moving tale.

I got up at four this morning. I got dressed and went outside right away, into warm, moist and fragrant air. It felt great, as though I were in some tropical place! It had in the night but had stopped before I went out. I could see billions of tine water droplets in the air, illuminated by the beam of my flashlight. 

I went out to my impromptu greenhouse and it was fine. It was still standing, and the rainwater wasn’t pooling anywhere. That was a relief! Then I went back indoors to step on the scales! I knew I’d be happy: I’m now down thirty-three pounds. 

Next, in the coal dark that only happens under pre-dawn thick clouds, I got into the spa. There’s no quiet like the quiet of the early morning. And as dawn emerged, the day was revealed to be very misty—not smoky, misty and eerie.

I went shopping, walked Sheba and dove into my book. While it’s still so nice and warm outside, Sheba and I will go for a nice long walk together later. It's nice and bright; there'll be no rain.

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