Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Monday began with a dog walk and when I got home, the voices inside my head were taking turns: “Get right to work!” And: “There’s all week to work; take it easy, you’re retired.” Taking it easy won! Some days I don’t have the spirit.

I didn’t even tidy up the house. I did absolutely nothing, but I truly enjoyed a long nap in the sunshine and taking Sheba for a walk. We walked, me knowing that an eternity of rains and cold are coming and savouring the feeling of the warm sunlight on my skin as this glorious season winds down.

My lethargy of late has slowed my weight loss. So today, my goal is to stay busy all day and do a better job of staying away from the seeds and Peanuts. I’m going to get the inside of the house to shine and then I’ll get started on cleaning up the boulevard in front of my house.

Today’s looking like yesterday: Long periods of blazing sunshine followed by a cloud cover that settles in for a couple of hours. The clouds speed across the sky. It’s lovely weather for gardening. 

I’m looking forward to bringing some beauty to the untouched corner of the front yard. It’s never been touched, has lots of trees and years of accumulated crap on it. All I intend to do, is remove the crap.

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